(Washington, DC)  --  Attorney General Eric Holder is facing tough questions in Congress.  Lawmakers want to know much more about the Justice Department's seizure of reporters' phone records.  Opening a House oversight hearing, Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte expressed deep concerns about the actions.  The seizure was part of an ongoing investigation into leaks of classified information.  Holder noted that he recused himself from the probe last year and stepped around questions about the growing scandal. 

Holder recused himself to avoid a conflict of interest because he was interviewed by investigators probing the leaks.  The leaks probe is being overseen by a deputy attorney general and two U.S. attorneys.  Michigan Democrat John Conyers called himself troubled by the seizure.  Meantime, Holder has ordered an investigation into the IRS targeting of conservative groups for audits.  Republican lawmakers are furious about the revelations.  Goodlatte called it "outrageous."  Conyers said any criminal activity at the IRS must be uncovered and dealt with.  

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