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Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland is sharing a few more details about his and the band's dueling lawsuits. 

Weiland recently told Florida radio station 98.7 The Gater that his onetime bandmates will have to "buy [him] out of the company" if they still want to use the Stone Temple Pilots name. 

He calls their initial lawsuit "ridiculous," explaining that they "didn't follow the rules" when they let him go earlier this year. 

Weiland claims their band agreement says there has to be a reason for firing any member of the group, and the others have to give the potentially ousted member a chance to deal with whatever the problem may be. 

Weiland says the case is now in the hands of their lawyers, and each side continues to keep busy with other matters in the meantime.  He is on the road with his solo act, and the Stone Temple Pilots - with their new frontman Chester Bennington - are gearing up for a fall tour. 

Listen to the full interview below:

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