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Source: For The Win/USA Today

We all have know one or two people that are Yankees fans that worship the ground Derek Jeter walks on.

The Yankees recognize the rabidness of Jeter fans and are now capitalizing on it by offering up plaques with a capsule of dirt from Yankee Stadium.  You can get plaques featuring "The Flip," Derek's first home run in the Bronx, "The Dive," the farewell speech from the old Yankee Stadium (above), and Derek's 3000th hit for $19.99 or $29.99.

A plaque will also be available with dirt from last Tuesday's All Star Game in Minneapolis.  That'll set you back $69.99.

Finally, there's the $349 plaque listing each ballpark Derek has played in and how many hits he had in each on his way to 3,000, a vial of dirt from each park.