Ted the Mechanic & Hairboy.

"Why don't you have a cool DJ name?"  That was the question asked of me at career day recently.  "You have guys like Shroom and DZL and Pyke on the station.  How come you're just 'Casey'?"  

Well...When I started in Billings, my Program Director asked me, "What name do you want to use?"  I had already put some thought to this, so I answered right away, "Ted the Mechanic."  Why? It just amused me.  'Ted' isn't crazy like the usual rock dj names, and 'the Mechanic' is something I could never be.  I'll just sum up my mechanical skills by saying this - My wife fixes everything in our house.  (The name is from a Deep Purple song with a really cool riff.  Check it out.)  Anyways, my words were met with a blank stare, ten seconds of silence, and then, "You'll just use your real name."  

Casey Paul.  Crap.  

Years later, my morning show partner was Hairboy.  That was his nickname before I hired him.  Hairboy.  That's cool. There was no way he was going on the air as Jeff.

If you worked on the station, what name would you want to go by?