To the 'Unruly Non-Volunteer' that was bounced off the Plane like a "Ping Pong Ball In The Wind"....Harrison Ford will Fly you to your destination....

.....not sure though what runway you will land on though....Scientists Now Explains WHY people have Gas on a Plane....( That's why you Never sit Next to Bill Nye )....Memo to Martha Stewart....YOU are NEVER allowed to Attend a Major League Baseball Game AGAIN....Our Cash Contest is Back!!! Bigger Than Ever.....16 Times a day, weekdays, from 5 am all the way to 8 pm.....TEXT in the Keyword when you hear it to 200-200, for your shot at winning a Grand!!...BROMO Sports Updates-7/8 Hour.....It's a "Hug Martha Stewart, while Bill Nye is Blasting yet another fart" Tuesday


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