Woman Fakes Constipation to Avoid Arrest..Sounds like a LOAD of CRAP to me.

Woman Fakes Constipation to Avoid Arrest

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Louisville woman facing drug charges turned to "Plan #2" to try to avoid arrest.

According to WAVE-TV, Myra Cook was at the University of Louisville Hospital when she was told she would be arrested when she was discharged. When she was released, the 40-year-old told officers she needed to use the bathroom.

After an hour, Cook told officers she was constipated, thus the delay. An officer gave her a minute to get out of the bathroom, saying she could be charged with resisting arrest.

When staff and an officer entered the restroom, she faked a seizure and had to be sedated. It took a total of seven police officers to get her into a police car.

Cook was originally charged with methamphetamine possession, tampering with evidence and receiving stolen property under $500, court records show.


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