Edible Bikini Made Out Of Pizza-Bring on the Guy w The Salami Underwear....

World’s First Edible Bikini Made Entirely Out Of Pizza Arrives 

Those looking to combine the sophisticated elegance of a striking bit of summer-based swimwear with the cheese-led brilliance of pepperoni pizza could finally be in luck.

Because the world’s first edible, pizza-based bikini is coming and it looks bloody delicious.

It’s the brain child of Villa Italian Kitchen, who were looking for a unique way to celebrate National Bikini Day – July 5th, just in case you were wondering.

For one day only, customers will be able to get their mitts on a customizable bikini made out of dough-based cheese, tomato and pepperoni.

Made using fresh ingredients straight from the California-based pizzeria, the new get-ups will be available for just one day only but don’t worry – they won’t have come straight from the oven.

Edible pizza-based bikini wear does not come cheap though, with one of these eye-catching outfits retailing at an eye-watering $10,000.


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