Mandatory Water Ration Lifted In Minot

** Mandatory Water Ration lifted for City of Minot **

The mandatory water ration order has been lifted effective immediately. Repairs to the main, 12-million gallon, basin are complete and is now running at full capacity.

“We want to thank the residents for abiding by the ration while we made necessary repairs.” says City of Minot Public Works Director, Dan Jonasson. “The immediate reduction in water usage allowed us to switch to our secondary basin and not interrupt water service.”

While the mandatory ration has been lifted, the voluntary ration imposed in June will remain in effect. The voluntary ration asks residents to limit outdoor water usage to a staggered schedule:

Even number address – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Odd number address – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

All households – Sunday

           The voluntary ration will remain in effect until further notice.


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