Sound off! Baby, It's Baffling Outside.

Amid the #MeToo movement, you may have heard the latest controversy about the Christmas classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside" being called - by some - a date rape anthem. In light of this resounding cry, some radio stations in the US and Canada have removed the song from their holiday play list.

Let me issue a disclaimer: as this is my blog... what follows is solely based on my own personal opinion.

So the song is made up of what I would call 'a playful banter' between a man and a woman.. as he tries to coax her to stay the night. Now, you can draw whatever conclusions you want from that. But the song does not spell out "stay so that I can violate you." A man with a general respect for women may still coax his lady friend to stay, and still know full well what is socially acceptable behavior and what is not. So to say that this song is a "date rape anthem" is based on the assumption that the guy is a disrespectful predatory sleaze.

This whole controversy is now leading more folks to put down the #MeToo movement. And no matter your thoughts about the movement.. there is no denying that it has brought a number of serious problems to light and helped right many wrongs. I speak of the REAL problems it has brought to light. 

But THIS? Again, my personal opinion: the over-reaction to things like this song, for example, will only further belittle and water down any such movement. There are many who take the #MeToo movement quite seriously.. but the absurd over-reaction to a playful Christmas classic? Seems enough to make most of us roll our eyes and say "NOW, we've gone TOO FAR." I know it is for me. Enough is enough.

What are your thoughts? Share your comments below!

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