From NBA Player to Reggaeton Artist: Carlos Arroyo

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Hey Latin lovers, it's K Marie a white girl in a Hispanic world! Im sure when you saw the title of this article saying "Retired NBA basketball player Carlos Arroyo is now a Reggaeton artist," you were very curious because it sounds so unique. If you are a basketball fanatic, then you probably already know who Carlos Arroyo is, but if you are not a sports fan, then let me give a little background. Carlos Arroyo was born and raised in Fajardo, Puerto Rico and was a very successful NBA star. After graduating from FIU he got signed to the Toronto Rapters, but ended up playing with many teams including the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. But in July of 2016 he announced his retirement from the Puerto Rican national team after playing with them for 15 years.

But this is where the story gets juicy. He doesn't just retire, nope. He retired from basketball, but quickly jumped into his passion of music. If you follow him on Instagram, you can tell that he is really taking his music career seriously and he is not playing around. If you are not familiar with many Latin artists just yet, let me tell you, he is working with the big dogs. He already has songs with artists including the Reggaeton legends Jowell y Randy on his newest single "Le Desean."

Also he has a song called "Héroe" which in Spanish means "Hero" with artist Rauw Alejandro.

I mean he even has a song with Luis Fonsi who is responsible for you now knowing how to say the word "Despacito" lol.

This is just the start of his music career but if it is anything like his basketball career, it's going to be BIG! It seems like in his off time, he is either in the studio creating, playing golf, or even playing basketball with Nicky Jam. But one thing he never forgets is giving back and is a part of charity programs like "Baloncesto Sin Fronteras" which is "Basketball Without Boarders."

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