This Week's Weird News 4/29/22

A Turkish official theorizing that aliens built Gobekli Tepe, a survey concerning the de-extinction of the dinosaurs, and a decades-old bag of McDonald's french fries were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this past week.

With each passing year, science seemingly gets increasingly closer to being able to bring extinct creatures back to life. However, the results of an enlightening survey released this past week suggest that those looking forward to seeing such lost species in the flesh some day may wind up having to wait a while as a whopping 45% of Americans said they were against de-extinction. Another surprise from the survey was that, of those who do think it is a good idea, no creature from an array of possible candidates received more than 50% support and popular lost animals like the woolly mammoth, the Tasmanian Tiger, and dinosaurs all ranked at or near the bottom of the list.

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A pair of rather fantastic theories found their way into the headlines this past week, beginning with a remarkable interview wherein the mayor of the Turkish city home to Gobekli Tepe suggested that the ancient archaeological site could have been created by aliens. The basis for Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül's bold assertion lies in the peculiar nature of the complex's 12,000-year-old statues, which seemingly depict people wearing more modern clothes and carrying contemporary-looking handbags. Meanwhile, an anthropologist studying the Indonesian island of Flores put forward the audacious argument that the hobbit-like human ancestor Homo floresiensis might actually still exist in a manner akin to an undiscovered diminutive Bigfoot.

This past week saw a couple of rather odd stories centered around weird discoveries made by homeowners. First, a California resident realized that the puzzling snoring-like sounds that they had heard coming from under their house for months was, in fact, a family of five black bears that made their presence known after waking up from hibernating. Later in the week, a family in Illinois made the news after they found a decades-old bag of McDonald's french fries tucked away behind a wall in their home. Amazingly, they described the fries as remarkably well preserved, though they also wisely opted not to eat any of the ancient fast food.

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