James Hetfield Calls, Congratulates Woman Who Gave Birth At Metallica Show

Photo: Getty Images North America

A few days after her harrowing story went viral, a Brazilian woman who gave birth at a Metallica concert last weekend received a congratulatory phone call from frontman James Hetfield.

Joice Figueiro wasn't pregnant when she bought her Metallica ticket three years ago, but when the time came for the concert to actually happen, being 39-weeks pregnant with her second child wasn't going to stop her.

Seated in the accessible section of the stadium with her husband, Jaime, Joice recalled feeling contractions as Metallica took the stage. About an hour later, her water broke and medics determined that they would not be able to get Joice to the hospital before the baby arrived. She was wheeled into a medical tent, where the only other patient was a man being treated for alcohol poisoning.

Luan Figueiro was born May 7 at 11:15 p.m. as Metallica performed the final song of their set, "Enter Sandman."

On Tuesday, May 10, Hetfield phoned the Figueiros, who recorded the seven-minute call.

"This is James from Metallica," Hetfield can be heard saying to the stunned mother in one clip. "Congratulations, you guys!"

A few days since the ordeal, both mother and child are healthy and well.

Joice has since told The Washington Post that she was scared when she realized she wouldn't make it out of the stadium before Luan arrived. "But there's also the feeling of being able to tell people that this happened, because Metallica is one of the bands we love the most," she said.

While an earlier rumor that Luan was going to be named 'James Ulrich,' in tribute to Metallica cofounders Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, was a joke, Joice conceded that they are considering paying "homage" to Metallica with Luan's middle name.

But it won't be anything too outside-the-box, like 'Sandman,' as has been suggested. Joice notes that her son "already has enough of a story to tell" without a bizarre name.

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