Weekend Bedroom Advice From A Sex Coach

Professional sex coach Kenneth Play has developed a safe, sex-based community in Brooklyn, New York at Hacienda Villa where he teamed up with a doctor for “The Casual Sex Project” that helps couples level up their sex lives. 

It starts with Play getting couples talking, “There are so many things that turn people on, but they never talk about it. It’s like they don’t know how to,” says Play. Start by being honest about what turns you on as an individual.

Next, he helps the man learn about his lady, from her specific anatomy to how it feels to her inside and out. Then it’s time to get down to business, but slowly, by getting the body ready for sex so the mind can follow. 

Play admits that being in a long-term relationship the infatuated stage wears off but, “You still have that desire, you just need to activate it differently.”

Here's more advice and common questions. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS UNEDITED SEX TALK SO BE CAREFUL

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