105-3 The Fox

I was the guy that nobody knew, sitting behind the hot cheerleader all year long. "Are you new?" She asked, "Nope" my smart reply....."Could you pass this yearbook behind you to Bob Macho?" ...My career in high school.........growing up in San Diego. I goofed around through college, then trained for 3 years in the rigorous sport of lawn bowling....all of that hard work came tumbling down after finishing 13th at the 1989 summer Olympics in Cassleton, ND.....because I have "The face made for radio", I got into radio.......and it has been my passion ever since. Making people laugh, and feel GOOD about themselves has been my dream......a year ago, last March, two friends hired me for their morning show in Fargo. After the airplane ticket was a done deal, and I was committed to leave San Diego.....I watched the movie "Fargo".....17.5 seconds into the flick, I said to myself...."What am I doing?". I soon saw my first snow fall.....and experienced what it's like taking 15 minutes to walk across the street through black ice, in -22 degree/ wind chill -576 weather.....after a year in Fargo, I found out about Rock 105.3 in Minot....after exhausting my new boss with a 49 minute phone interview, Allison has repeatedly asked to have that time restored back in her life....she hired me, she gave me the gift of having a dream come true......I arrived here in town April 11, Marilyn Manson apparently too busy to help me unpack.......just like high school, yes....I am new here.....and nobody knows who I am, but I'm lucky enough to work at an awesome rock station...and I wake up everyday doing what I love....I look forward to meeting new people and I'm proud to be here.