Shaq's New Boat-FREE THROW ( He'll Never Sink It )....

Shaq Asked Fans To Help Name His New Boat And One Guy Had An Absolutely Savage Suggestion


Shaquille O’ Neal made close to $300 million during his 19 years in the NBA in addition to an estimated ungodly amount of money thanks to the various sponsorship deals he managed to ink during his playing days and beyond (not to mention the time he got $7 million to play a genie in the cinematic masterpiece that is Kaazam). 

If you’ve seen his episode of Cribs then you already know that Shaq likes to live large both figuratively and literally and he put his money to good use by buying a massive mansion, a fleet of cars he can barely fit in, and— most notably— the truly iconic 15-foot circular Superman bed in his bedroom.

Shaq continues to print money thanks to his gig as a foil to Charles Barkley on TNT in addition to partnerships with Gold Bond and The General (who apparently had to cut their graphic design budget to be able to afford him). He recently decided to use his boatloads of money to purchase a massive yacht and asked his Facebook followers to come up with a good name for his new “toy.”

There were over 4,000 replies to the post but the most notable one was from a guy named Andy Yang, who replied with an absolutely brutal response in reference the one aspect of basketball Shaq never managed to master:

“Call it ‘Free Throw’ so you won’t ever sink it.”

BAH GAWD, Andy! That man has a family! With that said, Shaq still has a gigantic boat so I guess he’s still the winner here.



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