A Fashion Statement By Cold Hearted Morons

I love my job, I really do. At 3:20 in the AM, after my alarm has rudely interrupted my beauty sleep, the first thought in my head ( besides the obvious, which one of my 2 cats hacked up a fur-ball the size of a Volkswagen ) I look forward to that first cup of coffee, and a brand new day filled with chances of entertaining people ( or person ). I am allowed the freedom to express myself through social media, and on-the-air.....a privilege I will never take for granted again. I begin with daily job duty, of prep work.....catching something that I can pass on to my audience in my very own style ( or lack of )...I have been around long enough to know, that people try and grab our attention, in any way possible, to have their product or products talked about......word of mouth is a powerful endorsement, however something I saw this morning, surfing the internet, demands an explanation to thousands of people who have suffered through the insanity of school shootings....Violence......Violence, Evil is not something to glorify EVER. There is a company that has made sweatshirt hoodies, featuring the names of schools tortured by the insanity of innocent lives gunned down.Unfortunately, these fashion morons have gone step further,fake bullet holes are plastered on the sweatshirts.....I have but one question, what in the hell are you promoting?????? Congratulations, I am talking about your product....and I hope and pray, that one day, one of your kids is not taken down by a Madman or Woman-wearing your Columbine sweatshirt........Shame on you cowards, gaining profit by glamorizing murder.