Lusty Duck Has ‘Traumatized’ Penis Removed After Injuring It Having Sex 10 Times A Day


by paulsacca  

Rabbits get the reputation of being overly amorous, but this lustful duck is here to represent his species for being lecherous lovers. A duck with a libido that won’t quit had his penis removed because he was humping everything in sight. This duck f*cks.

Dave the duck enjoys copulating so much that he would have sex up to 10 times per day. Is this your spirit animal? However, the drake used his organ so many times that it needed to be removed. We are told to “use it or lose it,” but for this poor satyromaniac duck, it was the exact opposite.

The Wilt Chamberlain of ducks lives in the U.K. with his owner Josh Watson. According to Watson, Dave would “mate with his female companions between five and 10 times a day,” even not during mating season. This is the only appropriate time for autocorrect to change “f*cking” to “ducking.”

During threesomes, Dave’s partners would “wander off,” and female ducks would peck at his pecker to stop the unwanted sexual advances of the nymphomaniquack, according to Watson. Dave did not have the art of seducktion down pat yet.

However, Dave’s sex addiction got him into trouble, and the lucky duck’s fortune’s quickly changed. Dave the duck’s d*ck got infected from all of the rendezvouses. The “gangrenous” infection caused irreparable damage to Dave’s johnson.

“The end of his penis had basically died, and it was pretty horrific,” Watson told The New York Post. “It started not going in, and we’d give him a bath to keep it clean.”

Watson gave his insatiable duck antibiotics to correct his diseased organ, but it didn’t help. Then Dave was taken to Bristol’s Highcroft Veterinary Hospital. Veterinarians determined that Dave’s tallywhacker had slipped out of place and had become septic. The condition became “life-threatening,” and the vet advised that Dave’s member be cut off.

Don’t cry for Dave too much because male ducks can grow a new penis every year and they grow larger when competing against other males for mates. How great would it be to trade in your willy for a new girthier one every year?

Speaking of screwing, did you know that ducks have corkscrew-shaped penises? Male ducks have corkscrew-shaped penises that are jettisoned toward female ducks when they get aroused. The penises can measure as long as eight inches. Male ducks, or drakes, are usually very rapey, so nature gave female ducks some defense against the aggressive males.

Female ducks have a corkscrew-shaped vagina, and there are many passages, not all of them lead to eggs to be fertilized. If a female declines the sexual advances of a drake, she can use her muscles to force the unwanted penis into a dead-end so she won’t get impregnated by the male duck rapist.

Fun fact: Ducks don’t pee through their penis; instead, they use a hole called a “cloaca” to urinate and defecate out of. Share all of these new interesting factoids about ducks with your family during Christmas dinner at the Chinese restaurant while they’re eating Peking duck

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