Foo Fighter's React To Band Crashing Gig: Awesome

Electric Fox took a chance and crashed the Foo Fighters' rumored surprise gig, performing an impromptu set out of the back of their van for the fans waiting to get inside. Turned out, it was worth the risk!

This is why I love Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters so much. They are more than just a talented rock group, but some genuinely awesome people! 

Excerpt from SomersetLive's report on the whole epic unfolding of events..

“The crowd applauded, the band sounded good and the people queuing were glad of a bit of entertainment.

They played out of the back of their van, drum kit inside, speakers on the roof and the guitarists and singer standing outside serenading the crowd.

After the band finished playing I asked them how it had gone and they told me that the Foo Fighters’ tour manager had come out and given them all tickets to get into the gig.”

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